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Rice Mill

Specialist & Gold Card Rice exporter No.35 experience, skill, proficiency both container and break bulk shipment with various of Thailand Rice Selected Quality with Double Sotex & Cleaned

Health Products

Such cracker, health drink, tea, etc. produced from ingredients with quality under our standard

Health Food Supplement

Manufacturer & OEM & R&D & Research & Partner With Specialist & Professional & Medical Team Pharmacist & Food Specialist Under supervision of Dr.Chavalit Anavachakarn M.D

Thailand Rice

Various kind of rice and pack
from 100 gms to 1000 kgs bulk
with house and private brand


Made from Un Polished rice such as Brown, Red, Black ETC Plus Grain & Sesame & Herbal ETC For Healthy & Testy & Tendy Cracker

Drug & Food Supplement

Manufacturer of innovation to creat customer formula of supplement from natural extract & Herb to many patterns by Pharmacist, Physicians with professional team.

Leader of Innovation Products   Good Manufacturer International Standard Production   One-Stop Service
By Professional Teams under supervision of Experience Medical Doctor & Pharmacist & Food Specialist   With the quality and updated technology which have the standard production and confident   as Good Partner & Sponsorship & Co investor From Products to Market and Market to Product From Research & Develop Products Sourcing Analysis Registration Research ETC
Importer of Raw Material from countries   High quality of raw material from the foreign countries   Service and Service and Service
as Distributer & Sole Agent from Good Source reliable responsibility suppliers such as USA Germany Japan Australia China ETC   Selected the material with the quality from overseas for the best production and quality for customers   with Sincerely Responsibility Honestly
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